Roof Replacement Process

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Roof Replacement

Nearly every home or business owner faces a time when a roof repair simply won’t cut it, and a total replacement is necessary. While the idea might seem stressful and overwhelming, understanding the roof replacement process can make it much more manageable. Let’s review the steps required for your roofers Fayetteville AR to replace your roof and protect your property. 

Roof Replacement: It’s All About Timing

The first thing to consider is how dire your need for a roof replacement is. Here are two ways to tell it’s time to replace that roof:

  • Visual Cues: Watch for curling or missing shingles, moss growth, and any areas that sag. These are often telltale signs that a roof replacement is in the future. 
  • Age Matters: If your roof is over 20 years old, consider a replacement. This all depends on the type of materials you use. For example, metal roofs last substantially longer than shingle roofs. Even if your roof looks like it’s in decent shape, it is crucial to have an inspection to see what’s going on underneath the surface. 

Pre-Replacement Preparations

Here are some things you’ll need to do before your roofers Fayetteville AR, get started:

  • Secure a Quote: Always begin with getting a written estimate. This ensures transparency regarding costs and the scope of work. Get several quotes from different roofers to compare. Just remember, cheaper isn’t always best when protecting your property. 
  • Choose Materials: With numerous material options available, you’ll want to take your time to select the right fit for your needs. From asphalt shingles to metal and tile, choose an option that fits your budget, aesthetic desires, and the climate of your region. 
  • Schedule Wisely: Aim for a time when the weather is mild, which can facilitate a smoother replacement process. 

What to Expect with the Replacement Process

  • Removing the Old: The old materials must be removed before your new roof can be installed. This exposes the roof deck and allows a thorough inspection. 
  • Deck Inspection: After old materials are out of the way, your roofers must inspect the deck for any damage. Damaged or rotted areas will need to be replaced to ensure a solid foundation for your new roof. 
  • Underlayment Application: The underlayment acts as a barrier against water and ice. Depending on your location and building design, your roofer will use various materials to ensure your roof is safe. 
  • New Materials: The new materials are installed once the underlayment is done. Starting from the bottom and working up, the material will be layered to ensure water flows off the roof without entering your property. 
  • Flashing and Finishing Touches: Areas around chimneys, vents, and valleys require plashing to prevent leaks. Once everything is in place, ridge caps are added to the peak for a finished look. 

After New Roof Installation

  • Debris Cleanup: A responsible roofing company ensures that all nails, materials, and other debris are thoroughly cleaned up after the job. 
  • Final Inspection: Once the work is done, a thorough inspection ensures that everything was completed correctly and to your satisfaction. 

Contact Our Roofers Fayetteville AR, for Professional Guidance

Embarking on a roof replacement journey without professional guidance can be risky. It’s more than just the physical installation that makes for a successful project. It’s the expert guidance, material knowledge, and peace of mind that comes with hiring seasoned professionals. 

Don’t leave a pivotal part of your home to chance. Contact our trusted, local roofing company today. With our free inspection service, we can help you determine if now is the right time to replace your roof and property your property.