5 Signs of Shingle Roof Deterioration

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Shingles are the most common type of roofing material used in residential homes. While the average lifespan of shingle roofs is around 20 years, many shingles require replacement or repairs sooner. If a strong storm passes through your area, you might notice roof damage. Check out our post, 5 Tips for Emergency Roof Repairs for Storm Damage, if you’re interested in learning more about roofing tips to ensure your safety after a storm.

As a property owner, knowing when your shingles need to be inspected is crucial. Being proactive with shingle repairs and replacement can prevent unnecessary expenses and progressive property damage. As the most respected Fayetteville roofers, we’re here to help you understand the signs of shingle deterioration. Let’s discuss it!

5 Signs of Shingle Deterioration

Here are five signs that your shingles need to be inspected by a professional roofer:

1.   Shingles Are Buckling

Buckling or cupping is a sign that your shingles are lifting away from your roof. When water gets under your shingles, it softens the materials and causes the shingles to lift away from your roof. This can cause rotting and decay, creating additional damage to your home’s interior. This damage is typically caused by hail, high winds, and improper installation. Contact professional roofers Fayetteville AR at the first sign of shingle buckling.

2.   Worn Shingles

After 10-15 years, your shingles may start to wear out from the normal wear and tear of exposure to harsh weather elements. The best way to ensure your roof is maintained correctly is to schedule an annual roof inspection. Investing in routine inspections can help you save money long-term by identifying minor issues early and fixing them before they become significant problems.

3.   Shingles Are Cracking

Shingles can crack for various reasons, including weathering, UV damage, and normal wear and tear. As your shingles age, you may notice cracks around the edges or down the base of the material. Unfortunately, cracked shingles cannot be repaired and must be replaced to avoid progressive damage.

4.   Curling Shingles

For some homeowners, shingles may curl up at the edges, exposing the bottom layer of your roof. This is a sign of significant deterioration, and the shingles should be replaced as soon as possible.

5.   Broken Shingle Tabs

Tab damage is one of the biggest problems with shingles that can’t be avoided. Tabs are the plastic or metal pieces embedded on each side of the shingle to hold it down. When tabs break, water can get under your shingles and cause rotting. To rectify this issue, a professional roofer must remove loose material from under the shingle and replace it with a sealant. Most tab damage is caused by aging or temperature changes. While you can’t control these issues, you can act quickly with repairs to avoid additional damage and repair expenses. Contact a professional shingle roofer if you think your shingle tabs are missing or broken.

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Shingle roof deterioration is inevitable at some point in the life of your current roof. While you can’t avoid deterioration, you can take proactive steps to limit damage and prevent more significant repairs. If you notice the common signs of shingle deterioration, contact FES roofing. Our responsive and experienced team ensures you get the best results from your roofing repairs. Call us today to schedule an appointment to inspect your roof.