What to Do When a Tree Falls Through Your Roof

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Having a tree puncture or breach your roof is a frightening experience. The sound itself is scary, but looking at the roof damage can be even more upsetting. After you recover from the initial shock of the incident, it’s crucial to act quickly to ensure your physical and financial protection. While it’s common to be at a loss for words, there are several steps you need to take immediately if this occurs. Let’s discuss.

4 Steps to Take If a Tree Falls Through Your Roof

As one of the most valued roofers in Fayetteville AR, we’ve seen trees puncture or destroy residential roofs from time to time. While it’s easy to be paralyzed by fear and stress during these events, you need to act quickly when this occurs. Here are the four most important steps to take if a tree impacts your home’s roof:

1.   Evacuate Your Home

A tree falling on your roof typically creates more than basic surface damage. Since tree damage can easily compromise the integrity of your residential structure, it’s best to evacuate your home immediately. Gather your essentials and take your family to a safe location. Be sure to check for a safe exit before you leave.

2.   Contact Emergency Services

Once you get out of your home safely, call emergency services for help. Due to the severity of these issues, you’ll need to have at least the fire department on hand to assess the situation. It’s likely that police and medical professionals will also arrive on the scene to check your property. First responders will assess the damage and determine the danger of the situation before taking proper action.

Fallen trees can come with the risk of fire, downed power lines, and other utility issues. Contacting emergency services will ensure that these potential hazards are evaluated. They will also contact the right companies to prevent further damage. Don’t be surprised if emergency personnel remove hazardous debris, place caution tape around your home, and block off roads and sidewalks. The most popular kind of roofing material used on houses is shingles. Check read our post, “5 Signs of Shingle Roof Deterioration,” if you’re interested in learning more about the signs of shingle deterioration.

3.   Call Your Insurance Company

Once the situation is handled safely, you need to start fixing the problem. It’s always best to act quickly with repairs because your home will likely be subject to further damage when your roof is compromised. The first step you’ll need to take is to contact your insurance company. This will ensure you get the financial assistance you need to repair your roof and return home quickly.

When reporting the damage, your insurance company will want to know more details about the event. This will help them determine your coverage. Luckily, most homeowners insurance policies cover tree damage. However, most policies won’t cover tree damage due to negligence. Make sure you take as many pictures as possible to help support your claim.

Once you’ve determined your coverage and the deductible, you’ll need to file a claim officially. Ask your insurance company if they have any stipulations on hiring roofers in Fayetteville AR, for your repairs. You may also need to hire a tree removal company, which should be covered. You can also ask about relocation coverage to help with the costs associated with relocating while work is completed.

4.   Contact a Reliable Roofing Company

Finally, you’ll need to contact a trusted local roofing company to inspect your roof and begin repairs. Since trees can cause a wide variety of issues, you’ll need to schedule a thorough inspection before you discuss a strategy to fix the problem. A reliable company will give you the best plan of action to get you back into your home as quickly and safely as possible.

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